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A fundamental subject in liberal arts education, this discipline involves the detailed study of living organisms. Our courses are revised each year to reflect new advances in science, and are organized around six core areas:

Biology degree program
  • Cell biology
  • Plant and animal anatomy
  • Metabolic processes
  • Genetic diversity and evolution
  • Environmental adaptation
  • Biological roots of behavior and social structure

The degree is granted upon completion of a minimum of 133 semester hours, as outlined below. Students must fulfill a minimum of 15 credits per semester, pass all required courses, and have a cumulative grade point average of at least 2.0 in Biology and Liberal Arts courses.


To earn a biology degree from Centennial, all students must complete the following requirements:

Nine (9) semester hours of required introductory biology courses including:

BSC 2010 Biological Science I (3 hrs)
BSC 2010L Biological Science I Lab (1 hr)
BSC 2011 Biological Science II (3 hrs)
BSC 2011L Biological Science II Lab (2 hrs)

Ten (10) semester hours of required upper division biology courses including:

PCB 3063 Genetics (3 hrs)
BSC 3402L Experimental Biology Lab (2 hrs)
BOT 3015 Plant Biology (2 hrs)
PCB 4674 Evolution (3 hrs)

Nineteen (19) semester hours of upper division elective biology courses, including two Area Courses, representing two different Areas:

Area I: Cell and Molecular Biology
MCB 4403/L  Prokaryotic Biology (3 hrs) & Lab (2 hrs)
PCB 3134     Cell Structure and Function (3 hrs)
PCB 4024     Molecular Biology (3 hrs)
PCB 4253     Animal Development (3 hrs)

Area II: Physiology
PCB 3743     Vertebrate Physiology (3 hrs)

Area III: Ecology and Environmental Science
BSC 3052     Conservation Biology (3 hrs)
PCB 3043     General Ecology (3 hrs)
ZOO 4513    Animal Behavior (4 hrs)
Additional upper division elective biology courses at the 3000/4000 level to complete the required thirty-eight (38) semester hours of biological science courses.

At least five (5) laboratory and/or field courses in biological science. In addition to the three required laboratory courses (BSC 2010L, BSC 2011L, BSC 3402L), two additional courses designated by an "L" or a "C" must be taken.